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I'm a functional nutritional therapy practitioner (FNTP) who believes in food freedom and empowering others. I love teaching about how the body works, how to eat for your best health, and how to get in tune with your body.

"Like many people, I thought that eating healthy meant only eating vegetables and denying myself the foods I love, like pizza. Shelby turned my world upside down, and educated me about the importance of proteins and fats in a healthy lifestyle. She made me realize how very misinformed I was about nutrition.

She was passionate, knowledgeable, and considerate. She understood my busy lifestyle and never once made me feel guilty for any “mess ups.” She gave me tips and tricks for healthy eating that fit into my schedule, and took into consideration foods that I love to enjoy.


Now I understand the correct way to fuel my body. My eyes have been opened to so many delicious nutrient-rich foods -- like BUTTER! I feel less bloated and much healthier than before, and I no longer feel guilty about enjoying my favorite foods in moderation."