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3 (more) tips for Sober October

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

3 mini pumpkins on a ledge
3 pumpkins gazing into their future 31 days of sobriety

It's getting closer... we're 10 days away from the big ol' sobriety party.

If we think of it as a party it'll be fun, right? Ha... I'll show myself to the door :P

In past years I've gone into Sobes Octobes with what I call the "last supper" mentality -- binging on all the things I'm taking a break from right up until midnight September 30. As fun as the hedonistic approach can be, it definitely makes the month of October way more challenging... going cold turkey is no joke!

This year, a little older and a little wiser (if I do say so myself), I've reflected on what worked in the past and what didn't so the transition into the challenge is nice and smooth :)

Maybe you'll find these a little obvious, maybe not. Honestly, they're new strategies for myself this year (haha), and I'm pretty excited about them!

So?? Are you joining me in this venture, or what?!

Mario of the Mario Bros. + mushoom = larger Super Mario
You + Sober October = Super You

Without further ado, 3 (more) tips to prepare for Sober October 2020:

1. Ween yourself off now.

  • I mentioned earlier the Last Supper strategy I've employed in past years going into Sobes Octobes, and lemme tell ya... it does NOT make things easier. I find that once I start drinking, smoking, or eating sugar even somewhat regularly (that looks like a glass of wine with dinner each night until the bottle is gone or eating a pastry each shift at the coffee shop that I manage), it becomes something that I crave and have a little trouble breaking from. My strategy this year is to slow my roll rather than going cold turkey.

2. Don't buy more (even if there is a BOGO sale at BevMo haha).

3. Decide how you will replace what you're taking a break from.

  • Research shows that when breaking a habit, it's SUPER HELPFUL to find something new to take its place. So? What hobbies or skills do you have that you wish you spent more time on or wish you could learn? What feeling are you seeking or avoiding when you enjoy alcohol, weed, or ______ (whatever else you might be choosing to pass on for the month)? Could you wind down with tea or a walk after dinner? Could you spend that time building things with legos, learning to bake biscotti, or interpretive dancing to your favorite music? There are literally an infinite number of possibilities, just experiment with things that light you up! :)

  • I'm interested in practicing handstands, writing short stories, and studying/experimenting with herbalism. I'm also thinking that I'd like to drink flower tea (infusions of lavender, chamomile, rose, mint, etc) to wind down in the evening. What about you?

hand with cup of tea
Oh look, a nightcap.

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