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I am 35 Trillion Cells, and so are you.

fallen leaves around a fallen branch

And just like that we've survived ~3 weeks of sobriety ;)


Are you still in it, or have you caved?

Will you finish out the month or call it at that?

Regardless of your decision, pat yourself on the back! In a culture where socializing is often centered around drinking, smoking, or indulging in some other way, it's a real feat to break from the norm. Even if you've had some bumps along the way -- great job!

Things are going well for Logan and me, although I've had several desserts (when your parents swing by with surprise pieces of cake, you don't say no!) and I have not been on top of the fitness challenge. My knee is still bothering me when I try to run :'-( and I've had some high-priority projects to work on in my spare time that have kept me out of yoga class... that and I may have slept through the Saturday class last weekend... haha not everything goes quite as planned, and that's okay! Recently we've been joking about being "over" the challenge and how nice it'd be to have a glass of wine with dinner or go for a beer after playing outside, but now we're so close to the end it'd feel silly not to finish strong.

pan filled with vegetables

So far trading Instagram for the Tasty app has been awesome! The other night I made ratatouille for the first time, and it was not only beautiful but friggin' delicious. The leftovers have held up nicely too, and this morning we split the last of it with scrambled eggs -- wowww so good!! 10/10 recommend!!

Last night I baked a refined sugar-free blueberry banana bread (from Tasty obviously haha), but I forgot to add the honey, so it's really not sweet. It'll be better toasted and with almond butter.. or maybe made into french toast this weekend?! Oh wow -- genius!!

Tomorrow we're trying Tasty's cauliflower hot "wings" recipe. Last summer we discovered that show Hot Ones on YouTube where the host interviews celebrities while they eat increasingly hotter hot sauces (like the hottest sauces). One thing led to another and now we have our own collection of brutally hot sauces to torture ourselves with whenever we please. I can't quite put my finger on why it's entertaining to be in so much pain, but there's something about it.. haha.

One of the projects I've been working on instead of going to yoga (whoops) had me thinking about cells. Let's go back to biology class for just a moment...

Did you know that your body is a colony of over 35 trillion cells all working together to make you you!? It's pretty amazing to think about -- that's a huge number!

What's more is that each of those cells is totally dependent on what we feed them. When we feed ourselves poorly, our cells suffer, and it sends us on a downward spiral that can ultimately lead to disease if we let it get out of control.

<-- this infographic shows the cascade of events that occur within us when our cells aren't supported and begin to degenerate. Spoiler alert -- it's not good!

What do the cells need to function properly? Quality nutrition! You are what you feed your cells. I'll say it again for those who have wondered "What does nutrition have to do with my ________?" (fill in the blank with whatever you're dealing with... blood pressure, thyroid dysfunction, ADHD, inflammation, child's behavior disorder, etc): YOU ARE WHAT YOU FEED YOUR CELLS.

Of course nutrition is just one part of the bigger picture, and we are extremely complex beings (I mean, we hardly even consider the energetic/spiritual aspect of ourselves which is insanely interesting and powerful), but the bottom line is that what we eat really does matter. So take care of yourself, fool!

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